About Total Personal Services

Founded in 1993, Total Personal Services Administrative Group, LLC (TPS) has emerged as the recognized leader and innovator in the Administrative Family Office services industry. TPS’ steadfast commitment to the ongoing development of its proprietary operating programs, which utilize the advancing technology of the day, enables TPS to continually perfect its highly sophisticated system. When integrated with capable and dedicated administrators, TPS offers families an administrative solution that can be matched by no other.

Based in Garden City, New York, the TPS operational center is a high-tech facility that leverages its proprietary infrastructure of voice, imaging and data management software, to annually process hundreds of thousands of communications and invoices; and pay millions in disbursements for individuals and families worldwide with complete confidentiality. The TPS teams rely on the system’s accuracy, control and efficiency, so that they can concentrate on serving your needs, monitoring your affairs and assuring your requests are handled with common sense; freeing you to focus on what’s most important in your life – enjoying the luxuries and lifestyle you have chosen.

Roots of Success

The founders of Total Personal Services, Kenneth W. Akeson and John P. Fahy, are seasoned management professionals with an established track record of success. Their previous business venture, another systems based service company, generated annual revenues well in excess of $100 million dollars, captured over 80% of the market and effectively consolidated an entire industry prior to its sale in 1992 to a Fortune’s 100 firm.

Seeking to accommodate their chosen lifestyle, the Founders immediately realized that there was a need and an opportunity to provide a comprehensive, technology driven, administrative family office processing/service company. Applying the knowledge gained from their previous venture, they invested a significant amount of time and resources to meet the demanding needs of the market. As a result, the founders of Total Personal Services have once again revolutionized an industry.


Kenneth W. Akeson serves as the Chairman and CEO of TPS. Michael J. Maher serves as Vice Chairman. Senior Management includes NancyAnn Akeson, President; Diana Tralongo, Chief Operating Officer; Sanford Weintraub, Chief Financial Officer; James Monaghan, Senior Vice President - Systems and Information Technology.