Outsourcing Administrative Family Office Services

In today’s highly competitive financial market it has become increasingly important to offer your affluent clients the products and services needed to increase their wealth and quality of life. The answer is not to bring all the family’s labor intensive administrative tasks into your firm. The solution is to outsource the time consuming activities to TPS.

By satisfying their most basic needs, you will realize a strengthened relationship and enhanced insight for better decision making. Our reporting technology has proven itself so effective that Financial Advisors as well as Tax Advisors praise our services for saving them vast amounts of time and back office processing. Our services are more affordable than performing them in-house and without question; provide more reliability and accountability than in hiring employees to handle your client’s bill payment and administrative needs.

Total Personal Services actively partners with advisory firms, multi-client family offices, single family offices and accounting firms to develop tailored programs based on the needs of the Advisor and family.